Friday, August 24, 2012

Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities-this photographer's dream!

We knew when we made plans to head to Fredericksburg, that we had to stop in and see Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities!  Cecilia and her husband Tom had already visited once when they went to Magnolia Pearl's recent show, and she had told us just how magical the warehouse is, but I don't think you are truly prepared for the visual onslaught until you walk through the doors!   I literally froze in my tracks! 

Cecilia and Mary took off at once, but I could not even move.  I think I stood there for about 5 minutes, just snapping away.  It's hard to explain, but taking photographs is almost as good as shopping for me, notice I said almost!  

Not along after we were inside, we were greeted by Tim Bolton, who kindly offered us a cold bottle of water and made us feel right at home!

Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities is truly a destination if your traveling in Texas.  Everything from
 one-of-a-kind beds, industrial objects, sumptuous linens, antiques, farm tables and an impressive array of taxidermy.

The shop itself is about 14,000 square feet.  They opened in January of 2012 and are located at 301 South Lincoln Street in Fredericksburg.  They are planning a trip to Provence this Fall...wouldn't that be incredible? 

Thank you Carol and Tim for this fabulous shop!  The experience was just remarkable, and will never be forgotten by this photographer!  I hope you enjoy my pictures....and make plans to travel to see Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities for yourself!

Happy Junking everyone....The Rodeo Queens of West Texas! 


  1. So sorry I missed you!
    Yes, you are right, it IS a photographers dream. :-)

  2. Oh my, maybe I'll have to schedule a trip!
    Wonderful photos.

  3. Its funny haow I've seen several who have visited the shop and we all oooh and aaahhh and we don't know how to describe it, so we take pictures. And none of our pictures look the same! But there's always Tim, handing out water bottles, bless his big heart! I Loved the place.

    1. I know what you mean It's one of those places you just have to experience. Tim was so welcoming and sweet...we can't wait to head back!

  4. I have only been to the shop once and that was to see the Magnolia Pearl fashion show. It's an understatement to say that both were amazing! I love the unique look and styling of the shop and tell people they have to go see it for themselves.