Monday, August 20, 2012

A Road trip to Fredericksburg!

On a sunny (and hot) day in June, 3 of the Rodeo Queens packed up the car and hit the open road to the gorgeous town of Fredericksburg for a long-overdue girl's weekend!

Cecilia found this charming bed and breakfast for us to stay's called Weirich Farms and the log cabin was originally Fredericksburg's first community bakery! The first cabin was built in 1853, and the second in 1855. The two log cabins, originally joined by a dogtrot, have been joined together with logs and limestone rock to form one large accommodation. It was gorgeous, with beautiful live oaks and our very own cat!

Our sweet one-eyed cat! He was a perfect host.

This was a blast from the past!
Simple and beautiful furniture.

The trees were really spectacular!

After some settling in, we headed to the downtown area to do a little looking around.

Cecilia and Mary, ready to do some serious shopping!

But shopping would have to wait until the next day!

The great thing about Fredericksburg, is that there is always something to do, and great restaurants to visit.

After some serious sleep, we were off again the next morning. First stop was Double R Drygoods, and they did not dissapoint!

Then we checked out The Haberdashery....loved everything about this store.

A quick stop into Smitten, a beautiful house filled with all sorts of goodies. The owners, Jennifer Fritz Jung and her mother, Debbie Fritz have created a shopper's paradise!

After all this shopping, the next stop was for a cool glass of wine.

The day would not have been complete without a visit to Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities, but you'll have to watch for our next blog post about that one!

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