Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lucky Star Art Camp with Lisa Field-our first guest blogger!!

We are thrilled to introduce Lisa Field to our readers, she is the founder and visionary behind Lucky Star Art Camp, in beautiful Hunt, Texas!  The Camp will take place at a magical, real-live girl's summer camp called Waldemar, on the banks of the Guadalupe River.  The retreat is coming up October 9-13th and could very well be the boost your creative soul needs!  Lisa has also teamed up with Bernadette Noll, author of  "Slow Family Living" for a HUGE giveaway!   One lucky woman will win free tuition for Lucky Star Art Camp. They will also win a copy of Bernadette Noll’s book “Slow Family Living”.  Bernadette will also be the featured speaker the first night of the camp!  The giveaway ends September 2nd at 11:59 p.m and you can find out how to enter on Lisa's blog,  Lucky Star Blog


I am so glad for the opportunity to get to post here and share my dream-coming-true with all of you. Lucky Star is an event that is a lifetime in the making and in just over a month, I will be standing in front of a room full of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed women who are just as excited as I am to be in that room. It will take just as much work for them to get there, as it will take me to make it all happen. But when we come together, magic will unfold. I’m sure of it.

Lucky Star is a four night, five day women’s art and whole living retreat set in the hill country of Texas. Women will travel from all over the country to take in the beauty of their surroundings, take classes, make new friends, listen and share, eat good food, laugh ’til they cry, sing around the camp fire, gaze at the stars, and just be in the moment.

Don’t let the name mislead you. You do not have to be an “artist” by the standard definition to come to Lucky Star. We believe there is “art” in the every day details of life and therefore we celebrate the everyday “artists” who can be found in the kitchen making a lovely meal for their family, in the garden planting a row of peas, in the wee hours of the night sewing a Halloween costume, or in a cubicle using a rainbow of colorful file folders and sticky notes to do anything to brighten the day. Just the act of braiding your hair can be deemed a work of “art” by our definition. Creative people can’t help but be creative. You know who you are. Lucky Star is a candy store for the creative soul. Lucky Star is for YOU!

A trumpet sound will start the day, signaling it’s time to find your class and starting creating, making, learning, listening. There will be the sweet smell of Sycamore and Cypress leaves on the breeze as they just begin to succumb to the changing of the season. Birds chirping and the sound of cool, clear running water will be interrupted often by outbursts of laughter coming from the hillside. An occasional cry of “CANNON BALL” will be followed by a big splash and the ripples on the water will make landfall again and again and again like they so hypnotically do. The combination of anticipation and excitement will fill the air with electricity, yet the peacefulness of the natural surroundings will remind us to slow down, take a deep breath, and just be in the moment. Embers will spark and glow into the night sky and we will circle, enchanted by the warmth of the fire and the sounds of music. Our heads will rest on strange pillows, reminding us as we drift off to sleep that we are not at home because we are on an adventure! This is all taking place this October 9-13th and it will be as I’ve described, but you have to be there to see for yourself.

To sign up for Lucky Star Art Camp as a Sleepaway Camper or Day Camper, visit our website today at  Registration closes on September 30th.

Lisa Field

Monday, August 26, 2013

Lady Baltimore, I presume?

Happy Monday evening dear friends! Last June, the three compadres set out for Fredericksburg to meet up with friends and do a little shopping. Ok....alot of shopping! Fredericksburg Trade Days was at the top of our list!

The first stop was at Sister's Treasures, to see good friends Betsy and Elaine. Their cottage never disappoints, lots of goodies to be found, inside and out!

Also stopped in to see Deidre and her hubby from Junkyard Dog!

Then after a quick drink to help beat the heat, we came upon Diane and her husband Roger, of Blends. Mary walked into their booth and stopped in her tracks, she had spotted this "Lady Baltimore" suitcase on top of a display. Mary has a definate "thing" for vintage suitcases!

Roger told her that it wasn't for sale, that it was an old salesman's sample that he just couldn't part with. So, we kept on looking throughout the booth and visiting with Diane, and suddenly, Roger got the suitcase down and handed it to Mary. He told her that God had told him to give it to her, that she would appreciate it and give it a good home! I have rarely seen Mary speechless, but this really surprised her and she was almost in tears! The suitcase is now in a very special place in her home. Thanks to all of our friends in Fredericksburg for a memorable weekend, and a special thanks to Roger and Diane for passing along this special antique!

Saturday, August 10, 2013