Monday, August 26, 2013

Lady Baltimore, I presume?

Happy Monday evening dear friends! Last June, the three compadres set out for Fredericksburg to meet up with friends and do a little shopping. Ok....alot of shopping! Fredericksburg Trade Days was at the top of our list!

The first stop was at Sister's Treasures, to see good friends Betsy and Elaine. Their cottage never disappoints, lots of goodies to be found, inside and out!

Also stopped in to see Deidre and her hubby from Junkyard Dog!

Then after a quick drink to help beat the heat, we came upon Diane and her husband Roger, of Blends. Mary walked into their booth and stopped in her tracks, she had spotted this "Lady Baltimore" suitcase on top of a display. Mary has a definate "thing" for vintage suitcases!

Roger told her that it wasn't for sale, that it was an old salesman's sample that he just couldn't part with. So, we kept on looking throughout the booth and visiting with Diane, and suddenly, Roger got the suitcase down and handed it to Mary. He told her that God had told him to give it to her, that she would appreciate it and give it a good home! I have rarely seen Mary speechless, but this really surprised her and she was almost in tears! The suitcase is now in a very special place in her home. Thanks to all of our friends in Fredericksburg for a memorable weekend, and a special thanks to Roger and Diane for passing along this special antique!

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  1. That's a great story and Roger and Diane are one of kind people too!