Friday, August 31, 2012

Rural Women Rock!

We would like to introduce you to Kasse Duffy, the creative force behind Rural Women Rock, on online community that features inspiring rural women.  We love that Kasse is giving a voice to women around the world, allowing them to share their stories and helping rural women connect.

The Duffy family.
We are very excited to be featured on Kasse's blog today!  We encourage you to check her site out and also find her on Facebook, we think you will be inspired!  Here is our story that we shared with Kasse's readers.
What a beautiful day it is here in West Texas! We would like to send out a big thanks to Kasse for this chance to share our story with her readers. We appreciate and admire what Kasse is doing on Rural Women Rock!

First things first, as much as we would like to be, we are not actual Rodeo Queens. Brainstorming one night on what to call our little tribe, Mary mentioned how much she always wanted to be a Rodeo Queen and the title just stuck!

We are the producers of Petticoats on the Prairie, a Vintage Market here in the great state of Texas! We are a diverse group of women who were brought together by a mutual love of antiques, cool junk and shopping. Never in our wildest dreams did we think our event would take off the way it has, and we consider ourselves very blessed! The Rodeo Queens are Cecilia Scott, Janie Conley, Mary Smith, Leeann Moore and Cat Geiger.

Our very first show was held in the Fall of 2010, at the beautiful Black Locust Farm in Ira, Texas. We owe so much to the owner of this magical place, Fran Farmer. She believed in what we were doing and gave us the chance to share our dream with the rest of West Texas. Our goal was to create a very unique shopping venue that brought together the best of the past and the present. Our shows bring together incredible vendors with everything from junktiques and vintage clothing to homemade beef jerky (which is mighty good by the way!)

The best part of this journey has been the amazing, kind and talented people we have met along the way. Men and women who are living their own dreams, embracing the creative lifestyle and getting out there and making things happen for their businesses! We are truly inspired by each vendor we have ever had at our shows, and we realize we would not be able to do this without them. The Rodeo Queens do strive to make each vendor feel appreciated, welcome and valued, and they have blessed us in return. We often say we have the best vendors in the state of Texas, and that goes for our shoppers too. Many new and treasured friendships have been made in the last few years!
Time to meet my fellow Rodeo Queens....let's start with Cecilia.
Dale Evans was Cecilia Scott’s role model when growing up in West Texas. After high school, she headed to Texas Tech and graduated with a double major in Home Economics Education and Design. Cecilia taught home economics for three years, moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and began working with builders on model homes and new construction interiors. She taught interior design classes at several Tarrant County College campus locations. Cecilia began a successful free-lance design business in residential design. Her work on the Ft. Worth Designer Showhouse to promote preservation in the Ft. worth area was her favorite project! After moving back to Colorado City with her husband, Tom, to live in a renovated church, she became the director of the downtown Main Street Program. Cecilia was one of the creative minds behind Junktique Jamboree, a successful shopping event for the downtown area. Cecilia’s focus is once again on her design projects, Rodeo Queen events, and Petticoats on the Prairie!
That brings us to Leeann.....
Leeann Moore lives on her 113 year old family farm where she grew up. She left for college and returned home often for visits with her family. In 1999, she returned to Texas after 34 years of living and rearing her children in Spokane, Washington. In 2004, she completed the return to her roots by moving back to the family farm from Dallas and in 2005 marrying Gene Kuhel. Leeann retired from a 42 year career as an elementary teacher and a university professor. Retirement just meant opening up time for things that she and Gene love to do: antiquing, attending estate sales and auctions, managing their book stores, running the farm, traveling, writing, and seeing their five children and their beautiful grandchildren. They love acquiring and restoring vintage trailers. Leeann is a member of Sisters on the Fly (#2011), a national association of women who hold gatherings with their vintage trailers.

And now for Janie Conley...
Janie Wooten Conley is a retired school teacher who taught for 30 years. She and her husband and“the cutest and sweetest dog in the whole-wide world” live in Big Spring, Texas. She is also the proud mother of two sons—William and Kyle. Once retired, she became involved in the formation of Petticoats on the Prairie. Janie inherited her love of antiques from her late mother, Betty Joe Wooten. She loves antiques and vintage collectibles that can be found in antique stores, estate sales, garage sales, and thrift stores. Going to Antiques’ Week in Round Top is one of her favorite things to do. Janie says that her absolute favorite thing about “junkin’” is meeting wonderful women from all over the United States.
Another one of our Queens is Mary Smith...
Rodeo Queen Mary Smith was born to a Sicilian mother and a Polish father and raised an Air Force brat. Returning from Greece, Mary landed in San Angelo, Texas, where she fell in love with everything western. After graduating from Angelo State University with a degree in Nursing, Mary packed her boots in her wagon (a 1980 yellow Camaro) and moseyed out to Colorado City, Texas where she currently resides. Known as “Nurse Mary” for 19 years at the Colorado schools system, Mary and her husband, Alan, now own and operate a local antique store, “What’s in Store”. Mary’s creative signatures are her innovative window displays and quick wit.

Finally, rounding out our group is Cat Geiger...

Cat Geiger is a 40-something wife and mother who makes her home in Westbrook Texas. Cat was born in San Antonio, raised in La Vernia, Texas and went off to study Communications and Psychology at Texas State University in San Marcos. Her husband Roy is a cotton farmer and supervisor at Sid Richardson Carbon Company. Their ten year old son, Will, is the light of their lives! She works at KVMC/KAUM Radio as a broadcaster and loves her job. Cat wears many hats at POTP, serving as our Marketing Director, Photographer and resident Graphic Designer. She confesses to being a "late bloomer" when it comes to her love of junking, but she is currently being trained by some of the best pickers in Texas. Cat is also proud to be Sister #2743 of Sisters on the Fly and is currently on the hunt for her own vintage trailer.

Apart from working on their shows, the Rodeo Queens managed to find the time and put together a cookbook in the Fall of 2011. It was a compilation of treasured recipes from their family and friends and we were all thrilled (and blessed) to have the cookbook sell out within a matter of months! We are so grateful to everyone who sent us recipes!

We would love to invite each of you to our upcoming show in Colorado City, Texas.
We are so happy to be teaming up with Sisters on the Fly and are also bringing Author Irene Rawlings to the show as our very special guest. The party is October 19th and 20th at the Mitchell County Fairgrounds and we would love to welcome you for 2 days of antiquing, visiting and fun!

Again, many thanks Kasse for allowing us to share a little bit of our history with your readers. You can find out more information on our Facebook page, and also on our blog at Wishing you all many blessings!

Happy Junking from the Rodeo Queens!


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Friday, August 24, 2012

Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities-this photographer's dream!

We knew when we made plans to head to Fredericksburg, that we had to stop in and see Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities!  Cecilia and her husband Tom had already visited once when they went to Magnolia Pearl's recent show, and she had told us just how magical the warehouse is, but I don't think you are truly prepared for the visual onslaught until you walk through the doors!   I literally froze in my tracks! 

Cecilia and Mary took off at once, but I could not even move.  I think I stood there for about 5 minutes, just snapping away.  It's hard to explain, but taking photographs is almost as good as shopping for me, notice I said almost!  

Not along after we were inside, we were greeted by Tim Bolton, who kindly offered us a cold bottle of water and made us feel right at home!

Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities is truly a destination if your traveling in Texas.  Everything from
 one-of-a-kind beds, industrial objects, sumptuous linens, antiques, farm tables and an impressive array of taxidermy.

The shop itself is about 14,000 square feet.  They opened in January of 2012 and are located at 301 South Lincoln Street in Fredericksburg.  They are planning a trip to Provence this Fall...wouldn't that be incredible? 

Thank you Carol and Tim for this fabulous shop!  The experience was just remarkable, and will never be forgotten by this photographer!  I hope you enjoy my pictures....and make plans to travel to see Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities for yourself!

Happy Junking everyone....The Rodeo Queens of West Texas! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Road trip to Fredericksburg!

On a sunny (and hot) day in June, 3 of the Rodeo Queens packed up the car and hit the open road to the gorgeous town of Fredericksburg for a long-overdue girl's weekend!

Cecilia found this charming bed and breakfast for us to stay's called Weirich Farms and the log cabin was originally Fredericksburg's first community bakery! The first cabin was built in 1853, and the second in 1855. The two log cabins, originally joined by a dogtrot, have been joined together with logs and limestone rock to form one large accommodation. It was gorgeous, with beautiful live oaks and our very own cat!

Our sweet one-eyed cat! He was a perfect host.

This was a blast from the past!
Simple and beautiful furniture.

The trees were really spectacular!

After some settling in, we headed to the downtown area to do a little looking around.

Cecilia and Mary, ready to do some serious shopping!

But shopping would have to wait until the next day!

The great thing about Fredericksburg, is that there is always something to do, and great restaurants to visit.

After some serious sleep, we were off again the next morning. First stop was Double R Drygoods, and they did not dissapoint!

Then we checked out The Haberdashery....loved everything about this store.

A quick stop into Smitten, a beautiful house filled with all sorts of goodies. The owners, Jennifer Fritz Jung and her mother, Debbie Fritz have created a shopper's paradise!

After all this shopping, the next stop was for a cool glass of wine.

The day would not have been complete without a visit to Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities, but you'll have to watch for our next blog post about that one!