Monday, September 19, 2011

Six Degrees of Separation OR It's a Small Junkin' World After All

This is a very comprehensive blog. Read carefully, because I'm not repeating myself. Be prepared for a pop quiz at the end.
1.) In February 2011, 4 Rodeo Queens and 1 Rodeo Princess flew to Portland, Oregon to visit The Funky Junk Sisters' Junk Salvation show. We met Dixie DeRocher and Linda Albers. We also met Isabel Lang, Lara Blair, Diane Kaser, and Lisa Love Harris of The Garden Cat- all great Northwest bloggers and antique lovers.

Rodeo Queen Leeann is visiting with Isabel Lang of Maison Douce.

Lara Blair is The Modern Prairie Girl.
This is Diane Kaser of Molly Mo's.

2.)Round Top Spring 2011. Janie's Prairie Picnic at her sister Linda's Six Acres. Lisa Love Harris gets us to go to the Bloggers' Party at Theresa Cano's booth in Warrenton. We meet Theresa, Malisa Hargrove of Pent-Up Photos, Tracy Smith and Suzanne Sexton of the Girls of Rusted Gingham. Kristi Knox Day was there but we didn't meet her at the time. These ladies all love antiques.
Here are Lisa Harris, her daughter Emy, Janie and Suzanne.
This is Lisa, Emy, Suzanne and Tracy.
Here is Malisa Hargrove of Pent-Up Photos.

3.) Petticoats on the Prairie in April at Black Locust Farm. We get to meet Kristi Knox Day. Her blog is called Junkology 101. Through Kristi, we meet photographer Amy Boland on Facebook.
Malisa and Larry Hargrove of Pent-Up Photos were vendors at POTP. Here's Malisa with Rodeo Queen Cecilia.
Lara Blair - The Modern Prairie Girl, on the far right, was our special guest at the spring show.
Here are Rodeo Queens Cecilia and Dana with Ann-Denise Anderson of Whim and Fancy Designs. Ann-Denise does wonderfully whimsical things with paper. Did I mention that all of these women love antiques?

4.) Paper Cowgirls. The Rodeo Queens connect with Cindy Mayfield and her incredible workshops. Ann-Denise is a presentor and Kristi is a happy participant. There is talk of a spring show in Waxahachie with Cindy and the Rodeo Queens. Cindy's blog is called Yapping Cat Studio. Can you spell a-n-t-i-q-u-e lovers?

5.) Summer of 2011. Lisa Love Harris spends the summer in Texas! She packs her trailer with so many antiques that daughter Emy and family dog were pretty squishy in the back seat. In San Antonio, she meets up with Suzanne Sexton of The Rusted Gingham Girls, Kristi Knox Day, and Amy Boland. BTW, Amy's blog is amybolandphotoblog.

On her way back to Seattle, Lisa stopped to see Rodeo Queen Janie in Big Spring.

6.) In November, Rodeo Queens Leeann and Janie will be vendors at The Rusted Gingham Girls' show in Gonzales, TX. Guess who we will see there? Kristi Knox Day, Suzanne and Tracy and hopefully Amy and Malisa. And maybe some other great bloggers and ANTIQUE lovers.

OKAY, here is the POP QUIZ...what do all of these antique lovers and bloggers have in common with Kevin Bacon?

Just wanted to see if you were paying attention!

Answer to the pop quiz: Kevin Bacon loves Antiques Roadshow and all the little old ladies who love their tchotchkes.

Don't forget to come to Petticoats on the Prairie on Oct. 21 and 22. You will find more than tchotchkes. And some of the Rodeo Queens' husbands definitely look JUST like Kevin Bacon.


  1. Ya'll are TOO C-U-T-E!!!!!

    Cannot wait to have you as a vendor here for the Barn Sale in Historic Gonzales!!! The Girls from Rusted Gingham are SO glad we had a chance to meet Janie last Spring!!!!

    Suzanne@ RustedGingham

  2. Hey, Y'all!! LOVVVEEEE this blog! Six degrees of separation "Junkin'" style! :) I'm so very grateful to have met y'all by "chance" at Linda and Dixie's fabulous Junk Salvation show in Hillsboro, OR last February. It has been so fun watching our "small" world grow and meeting so many great new friends and junkers. Best of luck with your Fall POTP show. Can't wait to see the pics and hope to be there in person come spring. Hugs to y'all!!
    Peace, love, and sharin' the Junkin' LOVE!

  3. I never thought my name would be associated on the same page as Kevin Bacon!! This is a first! You Rodeo Queens are so fun. This Fall is going to be so awesome. I know your October Sale will be super and I can't wait to see you all set up at our Barn Sale in November. It's coming so quickly. So glad we've been able to connect over a lot of funky junk! Here's to Fall and great junkin' friends!