Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bragging Rights

What's not to love about a 9 year old boy named Will? 4th grade is a new adventure; Girls are still yucky. And when you ask him if he wants to buy a homecoming mum for a girl, he says, "Why would I want to do that?"

What's not to admire about a LSU graduate named Wendy in her first teaching job? Beautiful and full of excitement and energy. Ready to make an impact on young students and making her parents proud. Mom Dana said she got a raise when Wendy got her first paycheck!
How can a mom and dad not be proud of a young man named Will who just got a job as an assistant golf professional in Richmond, Texas? This guy was swinging a golf club by the time he was three years old. Moral to the story - do what you love.

Who wouldn't be the proud parent of a creative and talented display designer named Andrea? Andrea designs for Macy's Department Stores and her young and hip display was recently selected to appear in all Macy's stores. When Andrea comes to town to help her mama stage windows and set up at Petticoats, it is nothing less than awesome.
Rodeo Queen Leeann came up with the idea of creating a Petticoats on the Prairie cookbook. In the process of finding recipes, it was discovered that the Rodeo Queens descend from a rich heritage of pioneer prairie women. The cookbook was a work of sheer dedication and determination. It will premier at the show in October.

The cookbooks graphics are incredibly beautiful, and that is all a result of the unique talents of Rodeo Queen Cat. It is sincerely believed that the book will be a stellar cookbook with gorgeous graphics. Cat was definitely sleep-deprived, but the deadline was met!
Rodeo Queen Cherry's Colorado City store The Dragonfly was recently named a finalist in the Texas Downtown Association's Best Downtown Business Award. The winner will be announced in Nacogdoches in November. The Dragonfly is certainly deserving of this honor and we wish Cherry the very best.
Rodeo Queen Mary was affectionately known as Nurse Mary to hundreds of schoolchildren in Colorado City for 30 years. Now that she is retired, she is spending more time minding her shop "What's in Store" in downtown Colorado City. Mary is known for her quirky and unique store window displays.
Rodeo Queen Janie completed 33 days of radiation therapy this summer for Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. Rodeo Queen Dana (the one in red) was one of her radiation buddies for the trip to Midland everyday. Dana very obligingly took Janie to estate sales nearly every Thursday for a month. Junkin' queens don't get the blues.

Rodeo Queen Cecilia is excited about the house hunting she and her husband have been doing in Eastland which will take them closer to that special grandson. She's hoping to find a house large enough to accommodate all of her Rodeo Queen artifacts.

Rodeo Queen Marsha is keeping herself busy with mums and flowers at her floral business, Colorado Floral and Gifts. She's one of the creative minds behind the decor at Petticoats on the Prairie!

Please make plans to attend Petticoats on the Prairie Oct. 21 and 22. We are thrilled about our new location in Colorado City at the Mitchell County Fair Barns. See you there!

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