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Brunch, with Binky, in Ballinger!

We are so thrilled to announce that Binky Morgan is going to be our special guest at the Ballinger show!!  Binky, and her husband Ron Anderson, are owners of a funky antique co-op named, Binky La Faye, in beautiful Llano, Texas. 

Photos from Binky La Faye Blog
Binky herself is an internationally known artist and designer.  In addition to designing her own line of flea-market inspired jewelry, she also designs amazing hats for the London based company, Johnnie Loves Rosie.   She has also authored a book, Flea Market Jewelry, that helps to teach others how to create their own unique jewelry from vintage and thrift store finds.  We recently had the chance to ask her some questions and want to share that interview with you!
Tell us about a little bit yourself and your family?
For 8 generations both sides of my family have lived, loved and created in Llano County. We have strong ties to the land, to the Creator and to each other. I live in an 1890's house that sits on a little hill only blocks from the town square and that was fortunate enough to retain it's outbuildings. My daughter and 2 precious grandsons live just a few doors down. I feel so very fortunate that I get to be so involved in their lives.

Where you artistic as a child?
As far back as I can remember I have enjoyed creating. Both of my Grandmothers were creative as well as both of my parents. I think a lot of what they created they did so out of necessity. I'm grateful that my parents and grandparents instilled in me a desire to create, a joy of making something out of nothing. I have also been drawn to antiques and objects with a history since I was a little girl
What sparked your creative spirit?
I believe we all have a creative spirit. Whether it's creating relationships, great meals, or just being a genius with numbers, really in everything we do we are creating. So to answer your question I think that for me, just like for everyone the spark is ignited by the desire to imitate the Master who does it all so perfectly.

How did you get started with your business in Llano?
We decided to come back to Llano in 2004. We had been in Austin for a few years but my Grandparents were getting older and needing some help and our first Grandchild was a year old. We wanted to help care for my Grandparents and raise our Grandson in the "country". We had sold our vintage clothing store and we were designing lighting and home decor for Carol and Tim Bolton's furniture showroom in Highpoint, North Carolina. I have bought and sold antiques since I was 16 and the opportunity arose for us to acquire an antique co-op here in Llano. Funny thing is Ron was all about it but I was very hesitant to take on that extra responsibility. But of course it has turned out to be a great thing and I'm very grateful that Ron persuaded me to go ahead with it.

What are some of your favorite things to do in your spare time?
I love creating, whether it is something tangible like the jewelry, pillows, lighting and re-imagined furniture I make for our shop Binky la Faye, or creating memories with Echo and Epic by playing lively games of checkers and chess or making double chocolate fudge cupcakes with sprinkles. And I love the walks Ron and I take in the evenings. Seeing the slow changes that Nature creates throughout the year is really fascinating. We take a pouch full of doggie treats and each dog in the neighborhood now jumps with excitement when they see us coming.
Tell us a bit about your book......Flea Market Jewelry.
Jo Packham approached me about doing a book back in 1999. It was great fun experimenting with different ways to repurpose and remake vintage jewelry. I'm still making jewelry from vintage elements, the look has changed some but the concept is still the same.


Tell us about your hats for the company "Johnny Loves Rosie" please.....
Mary Rose Monroe , the owner of Johnnie loves Rosie has been a friend for years. She has been so gracious to allow us to stay in her darling London flat on several occasions when we visited the U.K. I had helped her decorate the guest room in her flat and on various other small projects. She asked me to design a line of hats for her wholesale company in 2010. The hats are all made by hand here in the U.S. I use things such as vintage ties, old lapel pins, vintage pocket watches, bits of silk and lace patchworked into a hat band. We introduce news styles twice a year.  

Ever had an encounter with a celebrity?
I have had several celebrity sightings, I partied with Quintin Terentino and there are many people that I consider to be celebrities that I hang out with on a regular basis. After all aren't we all celebrities in our own way?

Please join us for our Early-Bird shopping event, Brunch with Binky, for the chance to meet this incredible woman!  The Brunch will kick off our show on Friday, April 12th from 9:00am till 12:00pm and you can purchase tickets by emailing us at  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the historic Carnegie Library in Ballinger. 

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